SEM Staff Profile: Dominic Tanner

We asked the very talented Damir Bojanic to take a break from being awesome and give us a little glimpse into his amazingly prolific world outside of the SEM studios.

Music Business Tutor Tony Rigg Talks to Us About His Latest Project, Preston Jazz Festival 2018

Preston Jazz Festival takes place in June 2018. We spoke to School of Electronic Music’s Music Business tutor Tony Rigg about the event.

Why Music Is Taking a Chill Pill

Elle looks at the rising popularity of chillout music in 2018 and SEM staff share their favourite chillout mixes.

SEM at Sounds from The Other City 2018

Bank holiday weekend was busy for SEM as we hosted our annual stage for Salford’s Sounds from the other city Festival. Take a look at our gallery of photos to see what went on at the School of Electronic Music venue.

Clubbed: A visual history of UK club culture

SEM is proud to sponsor Clubbed: a Visual History of UK Club Culture. We spoke to former Music Business student Alice Woods about her project FLOOR and its involvement in the event.

5 Free Online Music Tools To Inspire Creativity

Inspiration block. We’ve all had it at some point. Whether you hit the brick wall after hours of working on one track, or you simply can’t light the spark you need to create anything new. We take a look at some of the free online music tools that could help inspire you to get back in the game.