SEM Staff Profile: SEM Audio Engineering Tutor

SEM’s Audio Engineer tutor Neil Bruce is a guitarist, composer, and sound designer, with a PhD in Acoustics and MSc in Signal Processing. His engineering credits range from Al Green to Led Zeppelin and his compositional work has featured in films, TV and computer games, along with a number of albums over the last 15 years. We spoke to Neil about his career to date, his activities outside of SEM and his tips for forging a success career in the music industry.

Sounds from SEM Volume 4

We’re proud to present our fourth Sounds From SEM playlist. This compilation of 10 tracks features a selection of the best new music produced by students from the School of Electronic Music and includes a variety of tracks spanning the genres.

SEM Alumnus VEE P Releases Debut Album

Alternative four-minute pop from North West England. Stories of reflection, contentment, politics, mistakes, arranged marriage, optimism, loss – they’re all here on SEM student Vee P’s first release .

SEM Announces Partnership With The Marcus Intalex Foundation

SEM will be an official host venue for the upcoming Marcus Intalex workshops this February. The events which take place from February 22nd – 24th will celebrate the life of Manchester based drum and bass producer Marcus Intalex​.

Native Instruments Maschine: We take a closer look

In our new video series, we look at the ways to get creative with Native Instruments’ Maschine.