GCSE Results Day 2014: How To Manage Stress After Your Exam Results

Got your GCSE results today? Planning your next step is a scary time and it’s to be expected that you are likely to feel stressed, panicky, nervous and anxious. Take a deep breath and read our guide below.

Results Day 2014 is here and the fact you have headed in to get your GSCE exam results has probably substantially reduced your immediate stress. Congratulations! The wait is finally over for you and now you can consider your next step. Some people will be celebrating; others may be a bit disappointed but it is important to consider the following.

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Now on to the stress-relieving tips!

After You Receive Your Exams Results, Trust Yourself And Have The Confidence To Know You Did Your Best

It can be easy to look back over your study time and think ‘I could have done this differently’ but this is not help anyone. Retrospective thinking may not always be realistic thinking.

Address The Unrealistic Expectations Of Others

You may have felt stress from the unrealistic expectations of family or friends. Sit them down and talk to them about what you feel is realistic and why. Dealing with the unrealistic expectations of others can be very difficult to cope with. Once it is discussed and managed properly, it can be a huge relief.

One Person’s Disappointment Is Another Person’s Success

Remember that everyone has different expectations of themselves and goals in life. Be aware of this during the exam results period.

Put Your Results Into Perspective

Whether you have achieved the results you expected or not, remember that exams are stepping stones to something bigger. Exams are not always goals in themselves; they can be a means to a goal. Marks should not be the goal, they only help you reach the next class or a level closer to your desired career. If you are disappointed about your results, your goal does not need to change but how you reach that goal may be different.

Disassociate Your Performances From Who You Are

Everyone is made up of a lot of abilities and skills. Exams judge skills and knowledge; they are not a judgement about a person or a reflection of a person’s self-worth.

Treat Yourself

GCSE exam results are a stressful time and the hours of work put into achieving them deserves a reward. Whether you got the GCSE results you wanted or you are disappointed, it is now time for you to allow yourself the time to for a treat.

Explore Your Options For The Future

Now that you have your exam results, take the time to consider your options.

Check out the Results Day Survival Guide from Not Going To Uni for loads of potential career paths and further study options, whether you want to go to uni, or onto alternative further education. Career Pilot also offer guidance of what to do for post-16yr olds!