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MMS Student Audio Engineering Work Experience

Student Success Mael Hanet heads to world famous La Fabrique Studios for 2 months of audio engineering work experience.

Hey Mael! Great news on your placement. To back-up a bit, how did you hear about your course?

Online, I was looking for some music schools in England. I found some and they were very expensive, and then I found the Music Production, Audio Engineering and Music Business Course and it looked great, and not very expensive at all in comparison.

And how have you found the teaching here so far at the Midi School?

Very good! I didn’t know really how to mix or how to record, but now I feel much more confident. I was in a band for three years and have been playing guitar since I was thirteen. I starting writing music on Ableton, it was nothing special, I didn’t really know how to use it, it was a bit complicated! I have learnt a lot about structure and the way I write now is very different from before.

Hip Dub is your final project for the Music Production module; you can hear a lot of different influences. Can you take us through your techniques when writing and producing it?

I tried to make it sound a bit like hip hop and reggae together, as it’s something we’re not used to listening to together typically. I also played a bit of guitar over the top, used Kontakt for the horns, and also used a flute within the EXS24 sampler in Logic.

La Fabrique Studio school of electronic music

You’re about to put some of those new found skills into practice at an audio engineering work experience placement at La Fabrique. Congratulations! Tell us more about that?

It is a large studio near where I live in France. I will be there for two months. It’s a really great studio.

I’ve heard that band Foals are going to be there recording during that time?

They will be but I am not too sure exactly when until I am there!

Do you know what you will be doing?

Yeah, I think it will be all about learning recording and mixing but with very different material. With different people as well. I think over the two months I will learn a lot and the skills I have developed in mixing and recording at Midi School will really help.

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