5 Things To Do Today That Will Help Your Music Workflow Tomorrow

Stuck in a rut? Feel as though you have hit the wall with your music? Procrastinating like crazy? Read on!

Do A Digital De-Clutter

Perhaps you are already one of those organised types that keeps your desktop and downloads folder clutter-free but if you’re not (like many of us!) it’s a good place to start. Not only will freeing up space on your computer make it run a million times smoother, it will also allow you to go through old demos, mixes and samples you forgot you even had. You never know, there could be something in a folder that might spark something; whether it be reworking an old demo or getting inspired to create something completely different.

Plan Today What You Are Going To Do Tomorrow And Stick To It

What do you and someone who you would consider more successful than you have in common? Time. Use it wisely and plan what you are going to do with your time tomorrow. Write down everything you want to have completed tomorrow. Whether it’s finally finishing that mix down and putting it to bed, scheduling your social media content for the week, getting your Soundcloud artwork updated or updating your live dates on your website. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll get through the list if you have it laid out in front of you. You’ll also probably find that you are more productive and have extra time to do other things that you might have had to leave for another day.


MMS Music Workflow

Block Social Media While You Are Working On Your Music

Social media creates nothing but a black hole into your day. “Just checking Facebook quickly” always results in 30 minutes of your time gone that you’re not going to get back. Even with the browser closed, it’s easy to just jump on it again if you are having a moment of procrastination. Installing website blocking software is much more effective. You’ll need either Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser. If you are using Chrome, install StayFocusd. With Firefox, use LeechBlock. These add-ons allow you to specify time-wasting sites, set a maximum counter (if any), and block the sites once you’ve used them for too long. Apps for blocking distracting stuff on your phone have also been developed such as FocusON for Android or Curbi for iPhone.

Set Yourself A Deadline

If you are signed to a label you are likely to have a deadline laid out for you in the form of a release date for your track(s). This doesn’t apply to all artists / producers though. Those of you DIY-ing out there could meander along for eternity putting your release date further and further back until people get bored of waiting for your music and move on. Plus you’ll end up only releasing one new track a year if you drag your feet. MAKE A DEADLINE AND STICK TO IT. Get the track finished, released and move onto the next. Your sanity will thank you for it.

Set Up An Auto-responder And Only Check Your Email Twice A Day

Playing email tennis with someone all day can cut into to your day massively while you are writing or producing music. Set up an auto-responder explaining that you will only be checking your emails at 11.30am and 4pm, anything urgent then the sender should call you. You’ll be surprised just how much time you save doing this. You’ll also see the number needless emails vanish from your inbox.

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